More of Jesus Scripture Devotional Set W/Stand

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We often find ourselves chasing the more in life. We think that once we achieve this, acquire that, or attain a certain status, we will experience the abundant life. However, what we are really after is the more that's found in Jesus. More peace, more strength, more patience, more love. More everything.

Our Scripture Devotional set has a new look! Redesigned + repurposed to speak MORE into your life and living space.

Included are 52 Scriptures + devotions that help you dig into the more that you are craving. As we dig deep, lean in, and align our attention with our intention, we see that the more we yearn for is always found in Jesus.

—52 cards with a devotion on the front + scripture on the back

—Size: 5" x 5" —Packaged in clear sleeve with ribbon to seal

—Comes with your choice of acrylic or wooden stand

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