Giving Gratitude- 30 Day Journal

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30 days of focusing on and expressing what you are thankful for in your life.

"I am grateful." It's such a simple statement and maybe one we all too often think is obvious or implied. Our days are busy and it's easy to get caught up in and consumed by our worries and what's going wrong in our lives. Let's take our joy back. Each and every day pause, take a breath, and acknowledge all the good God has placed in your life.

This spiral bound journal contains 30 days of guided gratitude journaling. Each day is made up of a spread with a colorful prompt + scripture on the left and space to jot down your thoughts + a mood tracker on the right.

Perfect for:

—adults, teens & kids 8+

—someone who wants to start a daily gratitude practice, but doesn't know where to start

—a fun 30-day challenge to do with friends, family, or co-workers Size 4" x 5.75"

—perfect size to throw in your bag and go!

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